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Tech Talk Series - Spring 2016

Tuesday, February 9, 2016 - 6:00pm
Harrison College House: Room M20

Ernest Baskin: (CW '08), Assistant Professor of Food Marketing at Saint Joseph's University

Ernest Baskin is an assistant professor of food marketing at Saint Joseph's University. He is an expert in consumer behavior and marketing research. His research focuses on consumer judgment and decision making with a particular interest in environmental effects on judgment and choice. Within this domain, he strives to work on ideas that have both practical and theoretical implications. His work has been published in journals such as Journal of Consumer Research and Journal of Marketing Research and has been extensively covered in the popular press in outlets such as the Chicago Tribune, Lifehacker, and The Atlantic.

He has worked extensively with a variety of firms on major marketing and behavioral initiatives, including Google, Pepsico, Activision, TIAA-CREF. Ernest has extensive professional experience in advising on marketing efforts, market research and mergers throughout his career as a market researcher. He holds a PhD, MPhil and MA in Marketing from the Yale School of Management as well as a BS in Economics and a BA from the Wharton School and the College of Arts and Sciences at the University of Pennsylvania respectively. 

Wednesday, February 17, 2016 - 6:00pm
Gregory College House: Greenhouse

Miguel Garces: (C '09), Senior Modeler, Lustick Consulting, Inc.

Miguel Garces is a Senior Modeler at Lustick Consulting, beginning his work in agent-based modeling and complexity theory at Penn's Department of Political Science. His primary responsibilities at Lustick Consulting include the development, maintenance, analysis, visualization, and deployment of virtualized country models as part of a number of government-funded programs. He straddles the social science and computer science worlds by connecting his knowledge of programming and system design to political science and other social science theory. Garces has authored a number of papers detailing research and modeling of Thailand as well as Lustick Consulting’s approach toward implementing social science theory in agent-based models.

Saturday, March 19, 2016 - 12:00pm
Kings Court English House, Class of 1938 Lounge- Date is Tentative



Topic of Will's Talk:  

Robotics in the Utility Industry

William McGill: (EAS in MEAM, MSE 2011, MSE in MSE 2012), Engineer PECO Energy. 

Will received a BSE degree in Mechanical Engineering and Applied Mechanics and Materials Science and Engineering in 2011 and a MSE degree in Materials Science and Engineering in 2012. He started working as a product design engineer in the area of commercial seating and water-based fire suppression systems. In 2013, he began working as an engineer at PECO Energy on the Transmission and Substation Equipment Health System. As of fall 2014, he is an equipment engineer in his role as the subject matter expert for aerial distribution equipment. While at Penn, Will was co-president of the MSE Society, involved on the boards of ASME and TEC, worked in the GRASP Lab, and was an active member of KCECH.


Topic of Steve's Talk:

Deploying Humanoid Robots in the Real World

Steve McGill: (PhD Candidate at Penn, and completed my undergraduate in Engineering in 2010 at UPenn)

Stephen McGill is a PhD student, studying humanoid robots and their interactions with humans. He has worked with Penn’s RoboCup teams since 2010, as well as Penn’s Team THOR entry in the DARPA Robotics Competition. Steve has a strong interest;in the networking and control of high dimensional systems that incorporate human feedback. How can autonomous systems like robots utilize human input for world modeling and motion planning.


Topic of Nick's Talk:

High Speed Product Design: Getting Wired Up

Nick McGill: (Graduated undergrad (MEAM & EE) in 2014, now working as an Electromechanical Engineer at Bresslergroup)

I'm an engineer who enjoys the complexity of electromechanical systems, like wearables, wireless devices, and robotics. I'm challenged every day at work with these complex problems, which require our team to stretch the limits of our knowledge and learn more and more about the world around us. Outside of work, I'm a mentor for my high school's first robotics team and roast my own coffee.

Monday, March 28, 2016 - 6:30pm
Ware College House: McClelland Hall- South Lounge

John-Ross Cromer: (MEAM '06); Owner, Community.Solar

John Ross "JR" Cromer has made a career out of heralding the new solar economy. Taking lessons learned from Penn’s Engineering Entrepreneurship I + II courses, John-Ross has created a national solar training program and launched the commercial solar industry in numerous “fly-over” states. Come learn a brief history of USA energy policy, an introduction to solar design, and how to convert coursework at Penn into a career in specialty consulting.