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Buying Software

Remember Your Software Keys

It is crucial to bring all original software discs and product keys to campus with you. If ever you need to reinstall software on your computer, especially your operating system or Office, College House Computing will not be able to provide discs or keys.

All computers on Penn’s network must have anti-virus installed to protect from viruses and spyware. The University provides Symantec Endpoint Protection free of charge to all students, staff and faculty of the University. It can be downloaded directly (PennKey authentication required).

The Microsoft Office suite (Word, Powerpoint, Excel) is the University’s supported and recommended productivity suite. While it is not required to purchase this software, most students who have personal computers also have Microsoft Office for convenience. For those who choose not to purchase Office, all College House lab computers have the software installed. Microsoft Office is available for both Mac and Windows based systems.

The latest Microsoft Office can be purchased at a great academic discount through the University computer store Computer Connection.

Go to:, then navigate to My New Computer to order