2014 Outstanding ITA Winner

2014 Outstanding ITA Winner

The Office of College Houses and Academic Services and the College House Computing Office have selected their 2014 Outstanding ITA winner for the year.

First place was given to Jeffrey Shih of Hill College House for not only outstanding computing support to his fellow residents, but his positive and upbeat spirit and relentless pursuit of a resolution to any and all computing problems.

Runners-up include Grace Xu of Rodin College House and Ernest Tavares of Stouffer College House.

Congratulations to all!


College House Computing

College House Computing supports and provides access to current and emerging information technology resources for students, faculty and staff residing in the College Houses. We offer a secure and accessible computing environment and information technology education and services which will enable College House residents to utilize information technology effectively in order to realize their full potential in their chosen academic and personal pursuits, now and in the future.

About Our Coat of Arms

About Our Coat of Arms

Ben Chirlin (SEAS ’11), a Senior ITA in Riepe College House designed our coat of arms in 2009.
The Symbols: The ring rising from the shield symbolizes fidelity. The circles symbolize preservation & protection. The triangle formed by the lightning bolts symbolizes engineering. The lightning bolts symbolize swiftness & power.

The Colors: Gold signifies generosity and elevation of the mind. White signifies peace & sincerity. Blue signifies truth & loyalty. Black signifies constancy.

The motto: Fidelitas et Tutamen means Loyalty & Protection.
Our year round support shows loyalty to our residents and to the College House academic mission. Our commitment is to provide a safe computing environment by protecting technology and the network in our College Houses.

The Itinerant Entrepreneur: How I leveraged a career in IT to travel the world and pursue my dreams

Ed Zawadzki, Independent artist / partner at ATIV software, SAS class of 2005, BA in Psychology. Ed Zawadzki is a Philadelphia based fine artist and entrepreneur.  After graduating from Penn in 2005, he worked as an IT Project Lead for Wharton Computing, during which time his dreams of traveling the world and making art began to take shape.  In 2010 alongside two friends with similar globetrotting aspirations, he left Wharton to start up ATIV Software, a location-independent software company specializing in custom mobile apps for conferences, conventions and other large-scale events. Today he works remotely, splitting his time between painting, sailing, traveling and software development. You can find his artwork at http://edzfineart.com and http://edzstudios.com and his software business at: http://ativsoftware.com.

Starting a Tech Startup

Brian Wang, Cofounder, CEO at Fitocracy, Penn 08 (College, BA in Economics) 

Brian Wang (College 08) is the cofounder/CEO at Fitocracy, a fitness technology startup that helps people reach their goals through workout tracking, community support, and professional coaching. Over the past 4 years, Brian has led Fitocracy to become one of the most well known fitness apps in the market, with over 2M users.

Building Data Science - Lessons Learned from Transitioning Companies to Data Driven Methodologies

Scott Sokoloff: Head of Data Science- TE Connectivity, College '05

Scott Sokoloff transforms mountains of data on consumer’s behavior to actionable data driven insights. He’s led the building of Data Science and Advanced Analytics infrastructure for numerous major firms. His methodologies allow for the attribution of online activity to offline behavior and vice versa. He has worked with industry giants including Capital One, Dominos Pizza, TE Connectivity, Burger King, Visa, PayPal, Forbes, Constant Contact and countless others combining best practices in Analytics, Econometrics, Statistics, & Sales Forecasting. The focus of his work is listening to what consumers are saying via their direct actions to determine how they will behave in the future in order to maximize the profitability of decision-making.

How my 1.9 Engineering GPA helped me to start my own Tech Company

Vasu Kulkarni, Founder, CEO, and Chief Intern of Krossover. SEAS ‘08

Vasu Kulkarni grew up in Bangalore, India, as the self proclaimed, biggest basketball fan in the world. Upon arriving in Philadelphia for college, Vasu joined the JV Basketball team at PENN where he (barely) graduated with a degree in Computer Engineering and Entrepreneurship.  Vasu is a basketball junkie, continuing to believe that he can be the first Indian to play in the NBA with his 7-days a week pick up routine which began at Pottruck. His moment of glory came when he sprained his ankle at Michael Jordan's summer camp and got a bro-hug from the Legend himself.

When he isn’t playing ball, he’s watching it – as CEO and Chief Intern of Krossover – a SaaS platform that saves coaches and athletes time by being an outsourced video coordination and analytics department. Krossover works with over 5000 teams across the world to bring advanced analytics and video breakdown to every level of sports. Vasu has been featured as one of Bloomberg’s Top 25 Entrepreneurs under 25, in the Wall Street Journal, Forbes, Fast Company, and other publications. He most recently took a turn to the dark side by starting an early stage venture capital firm called Courtside Ventures which invests in sports, media and tech startups.

Tech Talk Series

Tech Talk Series

College House Computing sponsors Tech Talks in the College Houses in the Fall and Spring. Penn Students who have graduated to become entrepreneurs, inventors, artists and scientists return to their College Houses to enlighten our student, staff and faculty audience and generate lively discussions about their passions and their professions utilizing technology. Local guest speakers/personalities also make appearances to share how technology is used in many fields of employment.

Tech Talk Series To see more information regarding Tech Talks, go to:

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Coming Out Of The Darkroom

Jacques-Jean "JJ" Tiziou is a photographer specializing in portraiture and movement documentation; he has never encountered an un-photogenic person in his life.

He has been recognized as one of Philadelphia’s “Creative Connectors” by Leadership Philadelphia, and is the recipient of the Spiral-Q Artist Activist Award. His images are used both in corporate and editorial contexts as well as arts and activism, and his 85,000sqft How Philly Moves mural at PHL International Airport was recognized as one of the nation’s best public art projects by Americans for the Arts in their 2012 Public Art Network Year in Review.

Based at The Cedar Works in West Philadelphia, JJ uses his work to celebrate the beautiful people around him who are working to make the world a better place. You  can find more of his work online at www.jjtiziou.net, www.HowPhillyMoves.org and there's a message that he'd like to share with you at www.EveryoneIsPhotogenic.com.


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