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Agile In The Workplace: When it works and When it fails

Wednesday, October 15, 2014 - 6:00pm
Riepe College House, Ashurst Library

Paul Mekler, Technical Consultant for Excelacom 

Agile software delivery/process is a great advantage and can speed up the development and deployment pace of software resulting in faster quota and increased revenue rate. However, not all workplaces are ready for becoming agile. Often, creating an agile workplace presents unique challenges and can sometimes even create bottlenecks and ironically slow down the delivery of new software. And what about the customer?

Paul likes exploring the world, one day at a time. He graduated Penn over three years ago and has since had the opportunity to experience both the corporate world as well as the start-up world. Before his current consulting job, he has also worked for a brief time at Siemens as a Programmer Analyst. He has been involved with 3 different start-ups, in addition to full-time work. In his current role, Paul is involved in the User-story writing process or traditionally known as requirements writing. Having experienced and witnessed the effects of the agile workplace, one of his favorite topics to discuss is the interesting world/idea of the agile framework(s).