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The Itinerant Entrepreneur: How I leveraged a career in IT to travel the world and pursue my dreams

Tuesday, February 24, 2015 - 6:00pm
Gregory College House, Greenhouse

Ed Zawadzki, Independent artist / partner at ATIV software, SAS class of 2005, BA in Psychology. Ed Zawadzki is a Philadelphia based fine artist and entrepreneur.  After graduating from Penn in 2005, he worked as an IT Project Lead for Wharton Computing, during which time his dreams of traveling the world and making art began to take shape.  In 2010 alongside two friends with similar globetrotting aspirations, he left Wharton to start up ATIV Software, a location-independent software company specializing in custom mobile apps for conferences, conventions and other large-scale events. Today he works remotely, splitting his time between painting, sailing, traveling and software development. You can find his artwork at and and his software business at: