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PennCash is required for all printouts.


  • Black and White: $.07 per page
  • Black and White Duplex (Double-Sided): $.05 per page/$.10 per sheet
  • Color: $.25 per page
  • Add PennCash to your PennCard

Printing Instructions

  • Under the File menu, select Print.
  • Select the desired printer in the pulldown menu. For color printing select (Color Xerox) or for black and white printing select (Black Xerox).
  • Make any other adjustments to the print job, such as number of copies or printing specific pages, then click OK.
  • Enter a name for your print job so you can identify it in the queue.
  • Go to the Release Station and swipe your PennCard. Click on your print job in the queue and then press Print. Your PennCard will be debited the amount for the job.
  • If you want to remove the job, instead of clicking Print, click Delete.

Printing Issues

If you realize that you've made an error in printing (printed to the wrong printer; printed out something with typo's still in it) and it is still in the print queue (meaning that it hasn't actually been printed), you can delete it from the print queue at the Release Station. Simply swipe your card, select the job you want deleted, and hit the delete button.

If you send something to the print queue then leave the lab without visiting the Release Station, the print job will be deleted from the print queue after twenty minutes. If the printer malfunctions during your printing (jams, runs out of paper), your print job will still be in the printer's queue and should be pick up just fine where it left off, once the malfunction is addressed by an ITA. If, however, there's a problem with your print job (missing pages, wrinkled pages, poor ink quality, etc), due to a technical issue with the printer, you'll be eligible for a free re-print. (See Refunds below)

If you've printed something that has typo's in it, and it has gone through the printer, your card will be charged and there will be no refund. Please proofread before you print. If you've sent your black and white print job to the color printer, and it has gone through the printer, your card will be charged 25 cents per page and there will be no refund. Please make sure you select the correct printer before you print.

Printing Refunds

Refunds are only given for printer malfunctions -- we do not give refunds due to user error. If you've sent a printout to the printer, but nothing printed, or the printer malfunctioned and did not produce an accurate printout, please see an ITA. They will help you submit a request for refund, in which the amount you lost will be credited back to your PennCash account within 7-10 days. If there is no ITA available at the time of printing, please feel free to submit a case here.