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How Technology can benefit your Career Path: A Current and Former Student ITA Panel

Wednesday, October 30, 2013 - 7:00pm
Ware College House, McClelland Hall

Jerricka Hill, College ‘08
Charu Jangrid, M&T ‘14
Tomo Takebe, SEAS and SAS ‘04
Ka-Wing Tam, SEAS and SAS ‘04
Yizenia Dabideen, M&T '06

Alumni dating back to 2003 will be joining us for an exciting discussion panel.  The panel will discuss how the technology skills they learned in the Information Technology Advisors (ITA) program, and during their time as students at the University, helped to further their career path and choices.  Topics of conversation will range from where they started with their technical knowledge and how they grew their skillset into being a marketable bullet point to their past and for their current employers.