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Get Computing Assistance
In Your College House


Information Technology Advisors (ITAs) are students who reside in the College Houses. ITAs staff the computer lab in your College House and also help residents with computer problems. ITAs are supported by a full-time professional staff.

Assistance is free, and you can submit a request online. An ITA will contact you to set up an appointment.

If you experience any problems requesting assistance, please bring your PennCard and stop by your College House's help desk, usually in the computer lab. The ITA on-duty can submit the request for you.

Students who live in Sansom Place East or off-campus can receive support by calling ISC Client Care at (215) 898-1000.

Get College House Computing help:

  • Submit an online Help Request
  • Call 215 266 3869 Monday - Friday 9AM to 5PM to ask a question or secure an appointment at the Stouffer Commons Central Help Desk. Every effort will be made to provide same day assistance.
  • Walk-in to your College House Help Desk during posted hours to receive ITA assistance.

Central Help Desk

The College House Computing Central Help Desk provides daytime services for students residing in the College Houses. Central Help Desk assistance is available via phone, email, or in person by appointment only, between 9AM and 5PM Monday through Friday.

Evening, weekend and some daytime services are provided in every College House by IT Advisors (ITAs) through walk-in service during posted hours at the College House Help Desk or by placing an online request.

The College House Computing Help Desks service only College House residents.

Students who live in Sansom Place East or off-campus can receive support by calling ISC Client Care at (215) 898-1000The Computer Resource Center (CRC) is located at Sansom Place West, 3650 Chestnut St., Suite 202, and is open 2-4:30, M-F. Help is also available via e-mail at Some of these students may have additional support in their schools.

Students in a fraternity or sorority house can obtain support via the Greek ITA system by writing to Greek students may be referred to the CRC by the Greek ITA system at certain times throughout the year.

All College House Computing (Central and College House) Help Desks troubleshoot and answer questions related to computer hardware, software, and networking issues. If a question cannot be resolved by the Help Desks, the Help Desk staff will forward the ticket to the appropriate group for action and resolution.

The goal of the daytime Central Help Desk is to

  • Phone: respond to all calls between 9AM and 5PM M-F
  • Email: respond to requests the same day.

Calls or emails received after 5pm or on weekends will be responded to on the next business day or may be referred to the ITAs in the College Houses for more immediate service.